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Visit ::inferno to get your cape

Inferno is still in production of becoming fully operational, though you can still use it and obtain the glorious cape!

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Chambers of Xeric Raids

Visit ::raids

Our raids are fully operational with raid points, raids will be coded to be harder in the coming V.1.2 update!

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Dice Bags & Flowers Gambling

Check out our ::dice Zone!

if you are into gambling we offer %100 fully operation mithril seeds for Flower games. We have a dice bag custom made for Use in Generic-X and anyone is allowed to host!

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Official Generic Discord

Iron Man Modes
Player Modes! Iron Man Mode


Play now with Regular Iron man or Ultra Iron man, we are still working on Hardcore Ironman. We also offer prestige system with points & Store.

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Prestige System Level 99

Receive prestige points for each stat.

You can prestige only 1 stat if you wish or prestige the 1 stat 10 times. Each prestige you complete you will recieve points which can be spent in the prestige store at ::home.

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Rooftop AgilityMarks Of Grace

%100 working Rooftop agility.

Yes, correct. Rooftop agility is working with 3 different cities to select from, Marks of grace drop at a higher rate than OSRS so obtaining that Graceful outfit will be quicker. Trade grace at ::home.

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Generic-X Promotional Video

Enjoy some of our Generic Pking!